How long should I expect to be in therapy?

Your healing timeline is unique to each person and situation and can be hard to predict.

As a general rule, the more committed you are to making changes in your life, the quicker you’ll begin to see results. This means that it’s not necessarily the number of months that you are in therapy that matters, but how emotionally available you are to show up and do the work, both during and in between sessions, that counts.

Physical wounds heal at different rates depending on their severity, your overall health, and how they’ve been treated. Emotional wounds are no different. Working together we’ll find the treatment plan that’s right for you.

However long your therapy takes, know that I am committed to not wasting your time. I don’t believe that people should be in therapy indefinitely unless they choose to be.

How frequently will we meet?

The standard in therapy is to meet weekly, but there are many great reasons to deviate from this “rule.” I do not require clients to commit to any particular schedule, but I do ask that they are intentional in choosing one.

Weekly sessions are a great place to start, as it affords us the opportunity to get to know each other and decide how best to proceed. During these first few visits we can discuss any changes to frequency that might make sense.

If weekly sessions start to feel like too much, we can plan to meet every other week. This also is a natural progression in therapy as you begin to heal, you will require less support.

Some people find that once a week isn’t enough. For these clients I offer the opportunity to schedule more frequent sessions, as needed. This typically occurs post crisis or loss and can be adjusted as needed.

I offer my clients the opportunity to self schedule on my secure client portal. You as the client are in control of when we meet and you can see my schedule online and choose what works best for you without playing phone tag.

How long is a session?

In-office visits are 53 minutes.  My intensive sessions are between 120 and 240 minutes.

Can more than one person attend an intensive program?

Yes, couples and family groups can experience intensives.