The Magnificent Weekend on Forgiveness and Letting Go

When I consider that people will travel great distances to spend time with me at our beautiful lodge and cabins in Northwest Montana, I remain both humbled and honored. During this most recent Weekend on Forgiveness and Letting Go, the group that manifested was eclectic, variant, and amazing all at the same time. Some were people I had never met; some were clients I have worked with for several years. One was a participant who has been at 4 of my 5 weekends and has already registered for the next one in October. Coming from that place of humility and understanding that people have booked flights, rented cars, and took time out of their busy lives, I wanted to be sure that I was at the top of my game and prepared. And if the feedback from this weekend was any indication, it’s getting better every time. And while it’s difficult for me to toot my own horn and beat my own drum and talk about what makes me amazing, it’s not what makes me amazing, it’s what makes this experience, this Weekend on Forgiveness and Letting Go the amazing experience that it is.


The idea for the weekends had been brewing within me for a long, long time. As a human being and as a practicing therapist, forgiveness and being able to release, let go, and move on is key in so many people’s lives, my own included. My own vulnerability allows me to get hurt, heal, and help others move on. I have my own story – a story about someone whom I trusted very much and let in to my inner circle, who then betrayed me by trying to steal from me and who, well, to put it simply, tried to stab me in the back. That hurt and that pain was the motivation that pushed me over the edge of ‘you should do this’ to ‘I am doing it.’ When I consider how fortunate I am to own a square mile in Northwest Montana, on a creek, just north of a lake with amazing mountains, literally surrounded by millions of acres of pristine wilderness, how could I not do this and share this healing place with others?

The question often comes up, “What is the weekend like?” and while I can give you a general outline and share the basic information with you, I’ll let some of the client feedback speak for itself. Terms that are often used are, “life changing”, “trans-formative”, “safe”, “peaceful”, and again I am honored to be the conduit of this experience.  And as I looked around the table during this last weekend, I saw an incredible diversity and variety of human beings that all had one thing in common. There was something or perhaps several somethings that they wanted or needed to forgive and let go.


As I prepared and chose the dates for the next weekend, I was reminded that the participants had indicated that a smaller group is better and for that reason, I will cap the participants at 10, which allows for an even stronger and more intimate sharing experience. A common question I get is, “Will I have to share?” and I tell the story of my very first weekend that I did in 2016, which seems like very long ago and not very long ago all at the same time. One of the participants was not ready to share that weekend and she spoke exactly 4 words, “Hello, my name is Mary.” She did not share. She did not speak. She embraced the experience, and it changed her life.


I hope you will consider joining me this weekend in October, as it will be the last time that it is offered at this very low price. I have it on very good authority that the price is going up DRAMATICALLY for 2020.


If you’ve been thinking about it, if you’ve been waiting, the waiting is over and the time is now. Invest in yourself, move forward with your life, and let go of what’s holding you back from living a happy and fulfilling life.



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