What is Virtual Therapy?

When that cup of coffee with a friend doesn’t help you anymore, you’ll need professional help. Some challenges are more than friends and family can handle.

Talk therapy (also called psychotherapy or counseling), involves speaking to someone who is trained to help you explore your thoughts and feelings so that you can see how they affect your behavior and mood. More than just “venting,” seeing a therapist can help you become aware of patterns that you want to change, and provide you with tools to help you think or act differentl.

You may be wondering how does virtual therapy work? What can you expect?  Is this dramatically different from an in-person session? Are the results the same? Are there benefits or negatives to consider? These are all valid and common questions regarding virtual therapy also known as cybertherapy. 

It’s still talking whether in person or via video call, the process and outcomes are the same.. Many patients feel the virtual therapy is much more rewarding and allowed a more comfortable – gentler way to connect.

Benefits of Virtual Therapy with FFT

  • You have access to an experienced licensed professional
  • It’s a safe and secure environment for counseling from the comfort of your own home or office
  • Schedule flexibility and convenience
  • Less time commitment without traveling to and from
  • No waiting room awkwardness
  • It’s a bit more comfortable to take the first step

I’d love to hear your struggles and challenges! Let’s see if we’re a good fit with a FREE virtual secure and confidential 15 minute consultation.

Ready to begin your journey to healing?

Forever Forward Therapy provides a number of services to individuals, couples, groups and organizations. In-person and secure, HIPAA-compliant distance sessions are available.


Recurring Therapy Sessions

Recurring 45 minute
Sessions $300


FREE virtual secure and confidential
15 minute consultation

Looking for more? Want to go much deeper for more life changes?


  • 24, 45-minute video sessions, four each month 6 months
  • Unlimited access between sessions via Voxer or Telegram where we can touch base daily so you have someone on your team and in your corner who gets it is cheering you on and who has your back whenever something comes up
  • Access to Jeanie’s Inner Circle Mastermind during our time together (trainings, biweekly group calls, Facebook group support + community) – a $10,000 value
  • Lifetime access to all of Jeanie’s signature courses including Make Your Own Box, Journal For a Better Life, and more a $7,777 value
  • No waiting room awkwardness
  • Access to the Resource Membership for 6 months – a $777 value



$42,000 in full or $7,777 per month for 6 months

Exclusive and limited availability