Meet Jeanie Winstrom

As an experienced licensed mental health therapist,  I’ve been honored to work with many high-achieving accomplished professionals to help them realize their goals and live a joyful and fulfilled happy life. I provide a safe therapeutic space for you to explore the issues you’re dealing with so you can gain insight and move toward a healthier more fulfilling life.

Together, we’ll use a collaborative therapeutic approach to help you find the solutions that work best for you- in your life, because every client is unique.

Being a therapist means I walk next to you not in front of you pulling your arm we’re behind you pushing you up.  This process allows you to move as slow or as fast as you decide. Full of highs and lows, twists and turns, nail biting turns both slow and fast- therapy is much like a roller coaster. Equally so, it’s full of many similar emotions. Embrace your bravery and courage and enjoy all the emotions and experiences you will have during your therapy.

My hope is that you grow and blossom and move from being stuck and struggling to thriving and enjoying life as you were meant to. I cherish the opportunity to help you with some of the most challenging things in your life. It’s an honor and a privilege to help someone move through the darkest moments of their life.


“Jeanie has helped me understand how much I have covered up or avoided in my past that needs to be addressed to make my future more secure. She is wonderful to work with and is very caring.”

“Jeanie is awesome, really patient and helps you to work things out for yourself so you understand clearly why you took a certain action or reacted a certain way to a situation.”

Jeanie Winstrom, MA, LCPC (Montana) and LPC (Alaska, Georgia, Minnesota, & Wyoming & LMHC Washington)

Here’s how working with me is different: